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California Energy Commissioner David Hochschild invited me to speak at the California Energy Commission last week.  I accepted the invitation after he reached out to me several months ago when he heard about our solar all-electric homes.  He ended up coming down and touring our Downey and Bellflower solar all-electric projects.  We had a great conversation and he was very impressed with what we’re doing.  It’s still hard to believe that 5 years after developing the solar all-electric home, City Ventures is still the only builder in California building it.  As we approach our 1000th solar all-electric home its great to have someone like David acknowledge what we believe to be the future of homebuilding.


So I traveled to Sacramento last week to speak in front of the Energy Commission.  It was pretty cool.  Prior to speaking I spent a little time with David in his office and we talked about the future.  In his opinion, the future for California is one that is “electrified”.  That was his word.  What he meant was the future is one that is run by electricity.  Electricity powered by the sun.  Everything we do requires energy.  We’ve been using other natural resources to provide the energy we need to live our modern lives.  Although the sun puts more energy on earth in one hour than the entire state needs in one year, we haven’t really been able to capture that massive amount of promise.  That’s changing.  Even though the sun has made all of life possible its only now beginning to make all of life’s daily energy requirements possible.  We are close to what Commissioner Hochschild is referencing when he talks about electrifying California.


I laugh to myself sometimes when I think back five years and when we started the Green Builders Journal.  I knew nothing then.  Actually that’s not true, I knew that Green Homebuilding is the future.  And I knew the first one to figure it out wins.  What I didn’t know was what that meant.  It was a long yet fun educational process to learn what Green is and how it relates to homebuilding.  If you’ve read all 58 of my Green Builders Journals then you’ve followed the evolution of how we’re defining Green Homebuilding.  Its about electric.  Its about solar.  There is no question that the future of homebuilding is one that is powered by solar electricity.


What’s really cool is that Commissioner Hochschild believes that more than just homebuilding in California is about solar powered electricity.  It makes perfect sense if you think about it.  Why wouldn’t we transfer the energy from the sun which is free and limitless into the energy we need to run our modern lives.  Obviously the answer is we should and fortunately the technology is close enough that we can make that dream a reality in our lifetimes.


We at City Ventures will continue to push the envelope of what it means to be a Green Homebuilder and we applaud the efforts of people like Commissioner Hochschild and his efforts to promote our State towards becoming the first “electrified” State in the nation.


It’s only a matter of time.  In other words its not IF but when.


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