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Last time I went a little in depth on why City Ventures is championing the all-electric home.  Actually it’s an all-electric project.  Electric power runs the entire project.  There is no natural gas.  The reason we do it is simple.   Actually there’s three reasons.

First and foremost because it reduces the true cost of living for our homeowners.  It’s no mystery to anyone that’s living on their own that it’s expensive to run your own household.  First you have your mortgage or rent payment.  Although they’re normally the biggest monthly expense, they’re certainly not the only ones, as everyone soon discovers once they move in to a place.  In the modern household, there is a car payment or maybe two car payments, an electric bill, a gas bill, a water bill, a trash bill, an internet bill, a phone bill, a cell phone bill, and a cable or some sort of TV bill.  These things occur every month.  The dollars expended on these monthly bills have to compete with the desire to spend money on food, clothing, and entertainment.  And let’s not forget about the gasoline cost to run those cars.  All the costs I just listed occur every month.  Period.  They never stop.  So if you have an unexpected cost pop up, like an auto repair, or a medical emergency, life can suck.

City Ventures has designed the all-electric home as a way to help reduce some of these monthly costs.

Eliminating a monthly gas, electric, and potentially a gasoline bill, can free up those dollars for use on any of the other myriad of bills that make up the monthly cost of living for most households.  That’s the main reason City Ventures builds the all-electric home.  It saves homeowners money every month.

The second reason is because it’s the right thing to do.  We can continue to live in the fantasy land world that energy from non-renewable sources will be available and reasonably priced forever, but we’d rather live in the reality that it can’t.   And then do something about it.  The caveat is that we had to figure out a way to NOT make it more expensive.  If the all-electric home cost more than the traditional home, then the added monthly cost of the mortgage would offset the monthly savings of the lower utility bills and be a net zero gain for the homeowner.  City Ventures Green, all electric homes do the right thing for Mother Earth AND save the homeowner on monthly utility expenses thereby reducing their true cost of living.  A true win-win situation.

The final reason City Ventures is championing the all-electric home is that we believe the future is Green.  I don’t think there is any question that all builders will be building Green in the future.  We think the first one to figure it out…wins.

Homebuilding is a process.  And one that’s been established over a long period of time.  Most homebuilders do everything exactly the same way.  We may use different sub-contractors and install different types of amenities but for the most part the process is exactly the same for all builders.  Changing that process is not a simple task or one that should change instantly.  It’s an evolution.  Deciding to become a Green builder is something that should EVOLVE the process of building.  We believe everyone will eventually evolve their building process to incorporate a Green mentality because that’s what the market will dictate.  City Ventures has chosen to be on the cutting edge of that evolution.

After all, being a leader is more appealing than being a follower.

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The Green Builder’s Journal is written by Herb Gardner, President of City Ventures Home Building Group. Herb has 30 years experience managing the building of residential and apartment communities in over 60 municipalities in 3 different states.

A big proponent of in-fill communities and the urban lifestyle Mr. Gardner has extensive experience in all aspects of residential home building, ranging from land acquisition to warranty management, he specializes in managing teams of people in delivering communities on time, on budget and to the quality standards the marketplace demands.

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